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Topics is blog dedicated exploring occult philosophy and metaphysics, alternative spiritualities, and practical magick.

It was conceived of as a place to share thoughts and reflections on magickal subjects, and promote new and innovative works in magickal art, literature and culture.

Occulture is a wide and varied subject, so there’s a lot of room to play.

Post Length

Many readers come to the blog during working hours, and so we try to keep most posts to between 500-1000 words, but if an essay runs longer there are usually natural breaks that can be used to split it into parts or create a series.

Ultimately though the post should be as long as you need to convey your message.


We do lightly edit for grammar and basic structure to ensure posts are accessible to the general reader.

The blog uses conventional spelling and grammar (Crowley was “erudite”, not “1337″), and as this is a Canadian blog words such as “colour” and “favourite” should both contain the letter “u”.


Guest blogging is about highlighting other bloggers and writers, your blog or any product or service you offer. We can provide a brief introduction to your post, but the byline that follows the post is where the bulk of this promotion will be. This should be a few sentences long, and contain any links back to your blog(s) or website(s) you’d like to include.

For regular contributors, we offer advertising space and a space to promote products and services when and where appropriate.

We also have a Writers page with the contributor’s photograph, an extended byline with any websites and references you’d like to include, and link to all posts written for The photograph is optional, but tends to help readers connect more with the person behind the post(s).


All registered users are automatically granted Contributor status, so if you haven’t yet, please register or log in to begin.


Please feel free to Contact Psyche with any questions you may have.

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