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Psyche, 2010 Psyche has been blogging since April 2001, beginning with a personal journal hosted on, where she wrote as plutopsyche (now defunct). She is the editor of, and has worked on or for various websites since 1996.

She has been published in The Cauldron, Konton, newWitch, Blessed Be, Tarot World Magazine and her essay “Strategic Magick” appeared in Manifesting Prosperity: A Wealth Magic Anthology, published by Megalithica Books in February 2008.

The curator for the occult resource, Psyche also operates a tarot consultation business, Psyche Tarot.

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Kara Rae Garland (Soror Ceilede) is a quirky bibliophile who hails from just north mystical of Portland, OR. She currently works for the world famous Powell’s Books and has been studying the occult for sixteen years.

As a second gen chaos magician and rampant blogger, she has been published in Konton magazine and The Best of Konton, as well as online at the webzine formerly known as Key23 (now, the Infictive Hyperwiki and has participated in the highly esteemed podcast Occulterati.

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Dave EvansA British academic and magician, Dr Dave Evans is the co-founding editor of JSM: The Journal for the Academic Study of Magic.

Dave is also the author of The History of British Magic After Crowley (Hidden Publishing, 2007), the product of five year’s doctoral research via Bristol University, plus two other books.

He writes extensively about magical matters, including at and in numerous magazines worldwide.

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Dr Brendan Cathbad MyersBrendan Myers is the author of six books, including Mysteries of Druidry (New Page, 2006), and The Other Side of Virtue (O Books, July 2008).

He has a Ph.D. in philosophy from the National University of Ireland Galway, and he lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where he is cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Find him on the web at

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Anton Channing Anton Channing (aka Count Anton) practices alchemy, chaos magic, Thelema and sorcery within everyday life and explores natural beauty (inner and outer) in all its forms and believes in the sovereignty of the individual over their own mind and body.

He expresses these interests and themes within his writing, his art and other projects, including his debut book Kaos Hieroglyphica: Alchemy for the New Aeon, and his running of the website, home to the KIA Illuminated Adepts.

He writes his own blog on

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Cole Tucker is mysterious.

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Beth Winegarner is an author, journalist and sociologist who is working on a guidebook for parents about teen culture. For more on her work, visit

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Ashley NaftuleA man about town in Phoenix, AZ, Ashley Naftule is a used bookseller by day and a playwright by night.

A regular contributor to local zine AZKaos, Ashley is an improv student with the Torch Theatre, a familiar face at local underground music shows, a Fortean poet whose talent waxes and wanes depending on his sobriety, and a pen pal of Lord Ganesh.

He doesn’t currently maintain a proper blog, but he can be reached via Facebook and Twitter. His preferred colors are red & black, and his favorite fruit is golden apples.

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Jack Faust Jack Faust is a twenty-six year old sorcerer living in Sacramento, California.

Most of his time is spent divided between having his head in some book or another, and doing stranger things. He daylights as a paralegal for an insane libertarian bankruptcy attorney.

He blogs at

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